Puglia Sounds is an office created by the regional government of Puglia, Italy (Regione Puglia) in 2010 to boost Puglia’s musicians and music industry, and help establish the region as a major player in the Italian – and general European – music scene. It is the first of its kind in Italy: a government-sponsored program focused on music projects and endeavors, recognizing the important role that music continues to play in the economic growth and cultural life of its home region, and how important it is to connect Puglia with major national and international music markets.

Through systemic and targeted actions, strategic partnerships, and high-profile public events, Puglia Sounds supports musicians, music professionals, and entrepreneurs alike, as well as the companies and institutions involved in music production, distribution, and promotion. The primary directive of Puglia Sounds is to enhance the rich music heritage of Puglia by giving it visibility on the national and international stage.

Puglia Sounds achieves its goals primarily through public grants processes, awarding public funding that support worthy and effective projects. These processes are handled by various programs run by Puglia Sounds: Puglia Sounds EXPORT, Puglia Sounds LIVE, Puglia Sounds RECORD, Puglia Sounds GREEN, Puglia Sounds YOUNG and MEDIMEX.

Puglia Sounds EXPORT is devoted to promoting the music of Puglia and Pugliese musicians abroad. Puglia Sounds has increased the presence of Pugliese music and musicians around the world to an impressive degree, helping to produce more than 900 concerts in 89 countries across 5 continents, including internationally renowned and important music fairs, festivals, and conferences such as SXSW, Jazzahead!, Womex, Reeperbahn, Primavera Pro, Liverpool Sound City, and Mundial Montreal.

Puglia Sounds LIVE supports live music performances in Puglia and Italy with a special focus on festivals and one-off concerts. To the present day, have involved more than 70 Pugliese municipalities and
funded over 1,600 live shows, including 65 new music shows of Pugliese, Italian, and international artists performing in Puglia. In addition, they have helped make possible 106 music festivals, more than 300 concerts of Pugliese artists throughout Italy.

Puglia Sounds RECORD supports the creation, promotion, and distribution of new music recordings. 178 new album releases of every music genre. 22 promotional compilations

New line of action 2017: Puglia Sounds YOUNG, offers support specifically to younger musicians, helping to organize events focusing on younger audiences, and educational programs aimed at increasing music purchases by younger consumers. Puglia Sounds GREEN supports musical growth by way of a green delivery system that falls in line with the European Community’s 2020 Principles of Sustainable Growth: low-carbon economy, environmental protection, preservation of biodiversity, and enhancement of environmental assets at regional level for both music users and music operators.