Larssen’s new PNINISM album is released on 21 May, promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds Recording, Apulian producer as ever at work on the evolutions of bass music. The sound of PNINISM is dubstep, in all its vast range: from garage in “Untitled”, “Barefoot” and “Me To Manopola” to powerdub in “Unfame Majesty”, “Basso Dirige Nos” and “New Come Turks”, from electro in “Cue Rebel” and “Onestep” to the ethno-jungle temptations in “Subsinqo” and “Trespassing Tito” and  grime in “Neva Been Tourist” and “Soap Of A Man”. Besides beatmaking: “Ligeti” deals with the enormous range of contemporary rhythmic music. An experienced and tireless DJ, (from the biggest international festivals to his popular show on London’s Nasty FM! network) and re-mixer  (from Bad Manning to Toy Quantize, from Mousike Lab to Leaf) allow Larssen to add a special sound to the track-list making it suitable for the best dance floors. Obviously we are not talking about brownstep (which he defines “fat stuff on American laptops”)… but the references are to the urban academies of Warp, Tempa, Hyperdub,Punch Drunk, Swamp 81, and Hessle Audio.