“Suggestions from Space” by the Rino Arbore Quartet comes out on 25th May on the No Flight Records label, promoted with support from Puglia Sounds Recording. Suggestions from Space pays tribute to inspiration, and in particular to that magic moment separating pure creativity from reason, and which seems to arrive from an immense external dimension, but probably lives and pulses deep within. 
Suggestions, has no fixed location, is timeless, immaterial, and boundless, with music which takes on a shape and form from the meeting between personalities so evocatively full of  musical passion.
The album was recorded in Bari in March 2012, and besides Rino Arbore, writer and arranger of all the tracks on the CD, it also features Roy Nikolaisen, a great Norwegian trumpet-player and two exceptional musicians from Puglia.
Rino Arbore (guitar), Roy Nikolaisen (trumpet), Giorgio Vendola (double bass), Gianlivio Liberti (drums).