Just over a year since the release of his debut album, “Living in a Movie”, a hit also in Japan, here is a new album from Puglia’s 33-year-old pianist Eugenio Macchia – “In Between” on the Auand label and  promoted with support from Puglia Sounds Recording. He forms part of a trio again, but with different musicians – accompanied by Puglia’s Dario Di Lecce on double bass and Abruzzo drummer Nicola Angelucci. This album is all to do with separations, with Macchia at the centre trying to find a balance between the acoustic piano and the electric sound of the Rhodes, between standards and original songs, between American sound and the sound of his roots. In 2010 he received two important awards for best pianist (Luca Flores Piano Competition in Florence and the Jimmy Woode Award), and after opening for the Dave Liebman quartet, he had an offer to play for a week at Dizzy’s Jazz Club in New York. And this is when the ideas and compositions for this new album came into being.