“Ricci i tuoi capelli, folk songs and airs from Cannole” with Luigi Chiriatti is available on the Kurumuny label, promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds. Another Salento exists, and it not on picture postcards.  This is the more genuine Salento of day-to-day life, with its stories of people in sun-baked villages over-shadowed by churches and stone-built farmsteads. After appreciating the form, curiosity compels us to discover the substance and the heart and soul of this land. Cannole is a small town in the centre of the Salento, where traditional music is still very much alive: home to a great little cultural heritage in the shape of of Rosaria Campa, Vincenza Agrosì, Assuntina Tomasi, Gina Luperto, Eva Serra, Rosalba De Lorenzis, and Ada Nocita. Seven women aged between fifty and seventy, who began singing together almost by chance, and then never stopped. During the last few years they have mostly performed at small private events, and this has brought them to the attention of various Salento musicians and researchers, who have studied and explored their repertory. In the end the ladies themselves approached Luigi Chiriatti because they wanted to leave behind a trace of their songs.