glocalPR is an independent, effective promotion and management agency focused on the concept of Public Relations. We use all the tools available in order to  develop any project effectively, we structure the project  in all his forms, such as: press office, publicity, networking, marketing, advertising, development and organised (viral) word of mouth.

We believe in efficiency and simplicity.

We are based in London but we consider the world our natural reference, without geographical or mental  boundaries.

We like the small and the grand scale, we are interested in working both locally and globally with international, national and local projects and campaigns.

Our services are professional, flexible and practical. We work with a diverse range of clients who have a wide variety of needs and we tailor our promotional, management, marketing and PR services to your specific budget and targets.

glocalPR’s work is concentrated in the areas of: music, arts, culture, tourism, style, international and local co-operation (charities, NGOs), new technologies and ethical stuff, but we are always curious about new opportunities, products or services.