The Puglia Sounds project is implemented by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese - Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture

Italian offWomex Night

Thanks to the partnership with Italian World Beat, Puglia Sounds is the promoter ofItalian offWomex Night, scheduled on 22 October from 21:00, with Kalàscima (00:00-00:45), at the Parque Mayer in Lisbon, in the broader context of Puglia Sounds’ participation in Womex for which they will be active until 4 October an update of the public notice is forthcoming Puglia Sounds Export 2022: fiere e convention and a call for Apulian operators.

The Apulian Kalàscima bring to Womex the tradition of taranta reinvented with a wild mix of electronics and lysergic rhythms that enhance the raw sounds of bagpipes, launeddas, accordion, baritone sax, bouzouki and an arsenal of percussion in a powerful and rich show.

The showcases are made with the support of IME – Italian Music Export, Ikona, Travel Music Agency and IPE IPE. In addition to Kalàscima, Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona and Suonno D’Ajere will play.