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Puglia Sounds Export lies at the heart of the intervention aimed at promoting the internationalization of the Apulian Region music system. Having a central role in the actions for developing Puglia Sounds, it is focused on enhancing the presence and visibility of Apulian music culture abroad, as well as on providing training and support to firms working in the sector.

The set of actions includes promoting:

  • the participation of Apulian artistes and operators in the main international fairs/music conferences (public notice to this effect is on the website pugliasounds.it, offering the possibility to take part in important events in 9 nations, and to propose participation in any world music conference);
  • agreements with the most important international networks (agreements with the Europe Jazz Network, I-Jazz and European Forum of Worldwide Music Festival, aimed at circulating music projects, have already been renewed);
    international focus points/showcases illustrating the regional music system;
  • international programs for Apulian music (public notice by Puglia Sounds Export has already been published, in which a portion of the budget is devoted to younger artistes) and training activities for firms and operators to develop the fundamental internationalization phase.

Public call

Puglia Sounds Record 2019

Puglia Sounds-TPP intends to acquire information in a view to putting in place the “Puglia Sounds Record 2019” programme which is intended to promote the creativeness and the music cultural heritage of region Puglia. Through this programming effort Puglia Sounds-TPP...

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Puglia Sounds Export Tour 2019 (march)

Puglia Sounds–TPP intends to gain information on the music artistic-cultural projects as well as on the multidisciplinary artistic-cultural projects where live music plays a major role to be programmed abroad from the 15th May to the 15th December 2019 in order to...

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Market Fair

In 2019 Puglia Sounds will participate in various international fairs and music conferences to increase the presence of Pugliese music in the world.

Tampere – WOMEX Groninga – EUROSONIC Lubiana – MENT Barcellona – PRIMAVERA PRO
Brema – jazzahead! Rotterdam – CLASSICAL:NEXT Parigi – MAMA Brighton – THE GREAT ESCAPE
Amburgo – REEPERBAHN Budapest – SZIGET Waves Vienna Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
Liverpool Sound City
Austin – SXSW Seul Music Week Toronto – CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK Mundial Montréal

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