In October alone, 19 artists are on tours financed by Puglia Sounds Export, the public call that promotes Apulian music culture abroad, for a total of 61 concerts in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
Baroque Ensemble, 1 concert in Slovenia;
Bravo! Da Capo! / Longa Vida a Vida!!?, 4 concerts in Brazil;
Piano duo Argentieri-Notarnicola, 1 concert in Austria;
Enrico Le Noci, 2 concerts between Belgium and The Netherlands;
Ensemble Meridies, 3 concerts in Sweden;
Kalàscima, 8 concerts in China;
Kekko Fornarelli Trio, 6 concerts in Germany;
La convivialità delle differenze (The sociability of differences). Opera for Don Tonino Bello, 2 concerts in Germany;
Le scimmie sulla luna (Monkeys on the Moon), 6 concerts in Japan;
Ludovica Rana and Stefania Argentieri, 3 concerts in France;
Mezzotono, 3 concerts in South Korea;
Nidi D’Arac, 2 concerts between France and Belgium;
Pasquale Calò Quartet, 9 concerts in Germany, Denmark, Holland and Spain;
Pier Luigi Camicia, 1 concert in Poland;
Rachele Andrioli and Rocco Nigro, 1 concert in France;
Raffaele Niro and Federico Scarabino, 1 concert in Germany;
Recital with piano and flute – Giovanni Calabrese – Linda Wetherill, 2 concerts in the United States;
The Pier, 3 concerts in Belgium, The Netherlands and France;
Tobia Lamare Live, 3 concerts in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands;
A.R.SY Pasion Duo, 2 concerts in Lithuania.