Puglia Sounds Export is the axis of intervention aimed at the internationalization of the regional music system. Central in the development of Puglia Sounds, it is focused on increasing the presence and visibility abroad of the Apulian musical culture and on training and accompanying businesses.

A set of actions which includes:

  • the participation of Apulian artists and operators in the most important international trade fairs / music conferences, with the possibility of participating in important events in 9 countries and the possibility of proposing participation in any world music conference;
  • implementation of agreements with the most important international networks (agreements with Europe Jazz Network, I-Jazz and European Forum of Worldwide Music Festival aimed at circulating musical projects have already been renewed);
  • creation of international focuses / showcases for the promotion of the regional music system;
  • realization of an international programming of Apulian music and training activities for companies and operators in the fundamental internationalization phase.

Active public notices

There are currently no active public notices.


Puglia Sounds @ SIM São Paulo 2019

Dal 4 all’8 dicembre, São Paulo, Brasile

Puglia Sounds @ Visa for Music

Dal 20 al 23 novembre, Rabat, Marocco

Puglia Sounds @ M pour Montréal

Dal 20 al 23 novembre, Montréal, Québec

Puglia Sounds @ WOMEX

Dal 23 al 27 ottobre, Tampere, Finlandia

Puglia Sounds @ Fira Mediterrània de Manresa

Dal 10 al 13 ottobre, Manresa, Catalogna

Maria Mazzotta, Amoreamaro

Showcase @ Fira Mediterrània de Manresa: 12 ottobre 2019, El Sielu – Manresa

Cesare dell'Anna e GirodiBanda

Showcase @ Fira Mediterrània de Manresa: 12 – 13 ottobre 2019, Plaça Major, Manresa

International appointments

Puglia Sounds @ SIM São Paulo 2019 dal 4 all’8 dicembre 2019, São Paulo, Brasile

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Puglia Sounds Export dicembre 2019: 14 tour, 40 date nel mondo

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Puglia Sounds @ M pour Montréal, dal 20 al 23 novembre 2019, Canada

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