By the present Call, Puglia Sounds–TPP, in line with what specified above, intend to carry out a survey of original projects of musical, multimedia and multidisciplinary productions and co-productions (national and international), with music as the main artistic language, in order to define its own streaming programming and to promote the digital distribution of the same projects to boost a new model of production and access to the Puglia music system.


Applicants operating in the production and/or coproduction distribution and/or organization of live shows of an artistic nature, and record labels based in Italy or abroad and established in any legal form are eligible to submit original projects of live music productions or coproductions, or multidisciplinary, multimedia productions or coproductions with live music as their main artistic language, provided that they fulfil the following requirements:
1. holding a VAT number, ATECO code 90.01.09 o 90.02.09 or 59.2;
2. complying with current labour legislation and collective labour contracts in force in the country of origin of the Applicant;
3. having no arrears in the payment of social security contributions to National Social Security;
4. not having pending disputes with social security and welfare institutions and/or executive measures or actions pending before the Judicial Authority and/or administrative proceedings connected with revocations for charges of embezzlement.


  • 27.07.2020 — Activity period: 01.09.2020 > 15.05.2021
  • 26.11.2020 — 02.01.2021 > 15.05.2021
  • 25.02.2021 — 01.04.2021 > 15.05.2021