Creation, production, promotion and distribution of new record productions capable of promoting the creativity and musical cultural heritage of Puglia.

Eligible applicants

Regional, national or international entities established in any legal form, who possess the following requirements, can submit projects for the creation and promotion of new record productions:

  • have a VAT number / VAT Code with ATECO / NACE Code 59.2 …;
  • for non-European applicants, to be music publishers or record labels;
  • comply with current legislation on employment relationships and collective labor agreements for the sector in force in the country of origin of the subject;
  • be up-to-date with the contributions to the Social Security Institutions;
  • not have ongoing disputes with the social security and welfare bodies and / or measures or executive actions pending before the judicial authorities and / or administrative proceedings related to revocation for improper use of public resources.


  • 27.07.2020 — Period of activity: 01.09.2020 > 15.05.2021
  • 26.11.2020 — 02.01.2021 > 15.05.2021


Public call + Forms

Proroga termini di programmazione Puglia Sounds Plus

In considerazione del protrarsi dell’emergenza per la pandemia da Covid-19 e il persistere di restrizioni che prevedono la chiusura dei teatri e dei luoghi di spettacolo e l’impossibilità di spostamenti tra regioni e talvolta anche tra comuni, il TPP-Puglia Sounds comunica che il termine ultimo dei progetti programmati attraverso gli interventi Puglia Sounds Plus (Puglia Sounds Live, Puglia Sounds Tour Italia, Puglia Sounds Record, Puglia Sounds Producers e Puglia Sounds Circuito dei Luoghi) è prorogato al 15 novembre 2021.

Public call + Forms (English version)


1st deadline

2nd deadline