Puglia Sounds Record

Puglia Sounds Record proposes to enhance the music production sector using the best, most advanced tools as well as keeping a close eye on evolutions in the worldwide discographic market. In this sense, the activities are centered on offering incentives for discographic music production, paying particular attention to new, emerging artistes arousing interest in Apulian music culture, and supporting the creation of videoclips and innovative tools and the digital spread of Apulian productions, as well as of promotional compilations to be distributed at national and international level.

Public call

29.03.2019 Puglia Sounds Record 2019 Deadline: May the 17 2019
09.04.2018 Puglia Sounds Record 2018 Deadlines: May the 4 and June the 15 2018

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Record productions Puglia Sounds Record 2019
Deadline: May, the 17 2019
39 new record productions have been supported.