The Puglia Sounds project is implemented by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese - Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture

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What is Puglia Sounds

A regional project in support of Apulian music

Puglia Sounds: what it is and why

Puglia Sounds is a project of the Puglia Region in support of Puglia’s professionals and artists in the music sector Puglia Sounds was born in 2010 from the desire to affirm that music is a productive sector that generates value and employment.

For years he has been working on the structuring of the music sector, qualifying it and offering it opportunities for growth and visibility through public notices, creation of partnerships, communication and promotion activities.

Music and Puglia

In Italy Puglia is known as the region of world music, but it is also the region of jazz. The Puglia music scene is also vibrant with rock, pop music, rap music, singer-songwriters, opera voices, classical music, tour brass bands, experimental new wave music and electronic music: collaborations between artists and European and Mediterranean influences are fuelling a never ending flow of creative energy that is also enriched by cross-fertilization with other arts: theater, cinema, contemporary art and dance.

Data refer to the period 2011-2022 except for PRODUCERS and TOUR ITALIA, public notices published for the first time in 2020.

Public notices

We have established a continuous dialogue with professionals and artists from the Puglia music scene to support them, through open calls in every phase of music productions. From the creative and production stage – Producers – to the publishing stage – Record – to live events – Tour Italia and Live, to Export. As a matter of fact, some of our initiatives are intended to promote the internationalization of the Puglia music system by making it easier to participate in international fairs, by establishing and strengthening partnerships and framework agreements with the most important associations and networks, and by supporting and promoting the international ambitions of Puglia’s artists.


Since 2011 Puglia Sounds has been organizing MEDIMEX. Until 2017, Medimex was first a Mediterranean music fair (2011) and then a Music Innovation Exhibition (2013). Today it is a recognized International Festival and a Music Conference, it has evolved following the evolution of the music market and has become a point of reference, in Italy and in Europe, for national and international players.


We also promote capacity building amongst Puglia’s music professionals and artists thanks to specific training programs on music professions which are based on the exchange of knowledge, if experiences and know-hows.

The future of music

We have funded and taken care of the communication plans of thousands of concerts, releases and productions by artists from Puglia. Thousands of challenges have been taken up by musicians and professionals from the Puglia music scene who have taken with them all over the world the image of a more aware Puglia, of a new Puglia that is now ready to welcome the (not so) distant future of music.

Puglia Sounds and the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

The Puglia Sounds project is implemented by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese – Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture. The TPP promotes and supports the dissemination of live entertainment activities in Puglia, the growth of the public, the renewal and internationalization of the scene, the development of the entertainment supply chain and of the cultural and creative industries, of the connected artistic, technical and businesses operating in the region.

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