The Puglia Sounds project is implemented by the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese - Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture

Open calls

Support for Apulian operators and musicians

What are Puglia Sounds open call

Open calls are the main tools of the Puglia Sounds project and are what have made Puglia Sounds (and the Puglia Region) a pioneer Italian project in a specific area of culture and live entertainment, support for the music industry, since its inception in 2010. Today, in fact, the project is replicated as a virtuous model also in other Italian regions. Instruments aimed at musical operators (even non-Apulian ones but who deal with Apulian music and Apulian musicians) and musicians, this time, Apulian by birth, to support their work in every phase.

With Export, Live and Record, the project – at its inception – laid the foundations for a dialogue with the regional music supply chain, a dialogue that has been enriched – from 2020 – with other instruments: Circuito dei Luoghi, Tour Italia and Producers.

Always, the public notices have established according to transparent criteria and public rankings, the economic payments that went to cover some expenses related to the musical project. By fostering professionalism and not fully supporting the productions. And putting the emphasis on the communication and promotion part, so that the musical project could derive the best benefits as well as, through its successes, Puglia Sounds and our region.

What are the open call

Record, Producers, Export – with Fiere e Convention and Protocolli d’Intesa – Tour Italia, Live, Circuito dei Luoghi.

Follow the links below to learn more about each public notice.

Open calls divided by objectives

There are four specific objectives of public notices: the creation, production, promotion and distribution of new record productions with Record; streaming and digital distribution with Producers; the internationalization of the regional music system with Export; support for entertainment operators with Tour Italia, Live and Circuito dei Luoghi.

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