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Featured the open calls 2023

Puglia Sounds Export

Puglia Sounds Export is the line of action aimed at promoting the presence of Puglia music industry operators and artists on the scene of the world music market. Using regional and European funds, Puglia Sounds operates through public calls addressed to the operators of the music supply chain in order to put in place in foreign markets promotional and communication initiatives to give visibility to the wide range of musical projects of Puglia artists as well as to Puglia musical repertoire and tradition. One of the various actions that have been put in place is the open call entitled Puglia Sounds Export, which aims to encourage the organization of tours of Puglia’s music projects abroad. Since 2010 to date, there have been almost 2,000 tour dates that have involved Puglia operators all over the world, also thanks to the support of Puglia Sounds.

Memorandum of Understanding

Moreover, every year Puglia Sounds enters into partnerships and memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with other export offices, international networks and associations of different music organizations. These MoUs set forth an agreement between Puglia Sounds and its partners whereby Puglia Sounds recognizes an economic consideration, paid directly to the partner involved, in case said partner schedules a music project from Puglia. For 2022, memoranda of understanding exist with the I-Jazz network, the Association Jazz Italian Platform and EJN – Europe Jazz Network.

The organizations with which Puglia Sounds has active memoranda of understanding until 31.12.2022

EXPORT: Fiere e Convention

What is more, from the perspective of internationalizing the Puglia music scene, through a targeted open call, entitled Fiere e Convention, Puglia Sounds Export promotes the participation of Puglia music operators in key European and non-European music fairs and conferences. Puglia Sounds is also present at these events with its own institutional booths that become “home” booths for Puglia operators; Puglia Sounds also provides fast track purchase of access badges, pays a variable sum that covers some of the expenses incurred for participation. In addition, within the official programs of the music fairs and conferences Puglia Sounds organizes and promotes communication, BtoB, matching and networking events with international operators acting like a liaison between the public, the organization, and the media to ensure the Puglia music brand and the Puglia music industry operators and artists stand out and give visibility to the entire region. As part of this, the same operators can propose internationally renowned music fairs and conferences they would like to attend if these events have not been included in the Annual Schedule of Puglia Sounds.

The international fairs which Puglia Sounds and Apulian operators took part in in 2022

Who is it for?

To subjects established in any legal form, holders of a VAT number with an ATECO code linked to the music supply chain.



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