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The music schools of Puglia Sounds

When the schools of music are born

Puglia Sounds is also an opportunity to receive training, to grow your knowledge base and improve your job skills if you are a young artist or a music professional. Puglia Sounds Music Schools started in 2017, when MEDIMEX the Music Innovation Fair turned into a Music Week. From there on, Medimex courses have given students in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge and skills required for music careers.

Songwriting Camp // Medimex Music Factory

WIth the Songwriting Camp di Sony/ATV, then Medimex Music Factory with Sugar Music Publishing, we welcomed students who were able to work closely with authors and producers to learn and perfect the different disciplines of music: from how to follow musical references, to research or how to find the right song for the right interpreter.

Our training has also been focused on the importance of auditions, on do’s and don’ts for pitching your songs, on writing and analyzing song lyrics, on adapting foreign songs, as well as on the use of production software. Over the years, our team of tutors and lecturers has included Giuseppe Anastasi, Antonio Filippelli, Gianclaudia Franchini, Fabio Gargiulo, Danti, Gianni Pollex, Giorgio Poi, Piero Romitelli, Luca Serpenti, Colapesce, Marta Venturini, Davide Napoleone, Leonardo Cristoni, Riccardo “Deepa” Di Paola, Gian Claudia Franchini & Luca Serpenti, Tony Maiello, Alessandro Gemelli, Viviana Colombo, Alessandro De Blasio, Giorgia D’Eraclea, Alessandro Di Sciullo, Jacopo Ettorre, Leonardo Zaccaria and, again, for Medimex Music Factory Stabber, Federico Secondomè, Piero Romitelli, Silvia Tofani, Alessandra Flora, Valeria Palmitessa, Vincenzo Colella, Gianni Pollex, Leo Pari.

Puglia Sounds Musicarium

With Puglia Sounds Musicarium we have been able to adopt, in a fair and non-selective way, a proper and education-oriented approach to the different music subjects, as well as to the basic, crosscutting and very important issues related to music production. Year after year, hundreds of students have received training in music management and music production, on music business and live events production, vocal coaching, writing, sound and light engineering, multimedia journalism, social media management, music marketing, web, photography and graphics.

For each of these subjects, experienced professionals, each in their own field of interest, have presented and deeply explored the different topics from a purely practical perspective.

Dozens of tutors including Giovanni Canitano, Fabrizio Pastore, Cosimo Calabrese and Maurizio Greco, Paolo De Francesco, Michele Caporosso, Ambrogio Lo Giudice, Ferdinando Arnò, Pierpaolo Peroni, Massimo Bonelli, Francesca Rubino, Matteo Zanobini, Rossana Casale, Dariana Koumanova, Carolina Bubbico, Giuseppe Anastasi, Beppe Vessicchio, Franco Zanetti, Carlo Pastore, Carlo Massarini, Enzo Gentile, Giuseppe Tatoli and Claudio Morgese, Davide Aprile, Luca Bernini & Rhò, Gian Luca Cavallini, Gianluca Cappelletti, Antonella Rizzi. In 2021 new subjects were added including discography with Marco Valente, Emiliano Colasanti, legal matters with Nico Regina, royalties with Davide D’Atri, and productions with Populous.

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