There are 16 networks of summer festivals, making a total of 72 festival and 507 concerts in 60 of Apulia’s towns and cities, promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds in connection with the publication of Rete dei Festival 2012. For the second year running, Puglia Sounds has encouraged the creation of networks between summer festivals in order to sustain Apulia’s festival business, to create music poles across the entire region, to optimize resources, to expand the range of music on offer, and to make our region more attractive to tourists. With the publication of the Rete dei Festival 2012, Puglia Sounds has created 16 networks, bringing together 72 festivals. This is a significant increase in the number of networks in comparison with the 2011 summer season, when Teatro Pubblico Pugliese carried out Regione Puglia’s programme and brought together 47 festivals in 10 networks. 16 new networks of summer festivals in arrival, with a range of artists involved, locations and types of activity aimed at consolidating the existent situation in the region and also at encouraging the development of more recent festivals, so that “senior” and “junior” festivals come together.
5fss – Five Festival Sud System, A.M.O. Apulia Music Organization, Apulian Jazz Network, Daunia Felice, Feste Musicali In Puglia, Gondarock, Greatest Beats, Puglia Song – Net, Puglia Sun Festival Ed. 2012, Remap, Rete Ionica Culture Creative, Rete Dei Festival Estivi Momart Musica, Social Sound, Summer Music Network, Suoni Itineranti – Puglia Music Street, and Terramusica are the 2012 festival networks promoted by Puglia Sounds with an overall input of 430 thousand euros. From June to October, 507 concerts in 60 of Apulia’s towns and cities from the Gargano to the Salento, involving music of all kinds: from rock to reggae, from electronic to religious music, and from jazz to  folk.