April 27th starts Festival Trobades de musica mediterranea, this  year at the 9th edition, the festival will focus on Salento and its music.
The piece of land that we all know as the heel of Italy. This area strategically nestled in the Mediterranean, under the influences that come from the East and the West. A real crossroads of the Mediterranean.  With a great musical and human history, that has developed fascinating traditions such as pizzica and tarantella, linked to a complex social structure, mythical and ritual.
(Jordi Martí, SONS Magazine)


The program:

Cesare Dell’Anna and GIRODIBANDA
Friday 27 at 19.00 > the opening parade through the streets of Torremolinos
Friday 27 at 23:30 > Caesar dell’Anna Girodibanda Location: The Room
Saturday 28 at 18:30 > parade through the streets with Girodibanda.
Saturday 28 at 22:30  > Voices of  Finis Terrae concert  at: Ter
Workshops, performances, conferences, shows. The opportunity to immerse themselves in an engaging way in the experience of singing, playing instruments such as tamburrelli, drums and dancing, with the experience of experts of the Salento culture.

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