It is probably impossible to find in the history of the Italian pop music a vocal quartet as long-lived as the “Quartetto Cetra” with their more than forty years of activity. But, even putting aside their repertoire, which is made of some of the most important jewels of the Italian pop music of the past, it would suffice to examine their record of service to account for the project of the “Quattordicetto Cetra”, the new production of the Bari-based label “Fo(u)r” promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds and born of an idea of Gabriella Schiavone, lead vocalist of the well-known vocal quartet “Faraualla”. It would have been too easy to re-propose the songs made famous by the quartet with a “photocopied” line-up. And here is the winning idea of Gabriella Schiavone: to put together a line-up of fourteen elements including sopranos, contraltos, tenors and basses, supported by the classical instrumental quartet of piano, guitar, contrabass and drums, from the choral singing class of the Bari music school “Il Pentagramma”. Here are their names: Mariano Alterio, Carlo Boccuzzi, Fabio Caruso, Mimmo Caruso, Michele Ciavarella, Gualtiero Colapinto, Floriana Fiorella, Antonella Lacasella, Cristina Lacirignola, Feliciano Lorusso, Cristina Muschitiello, Elisabetta Previati, Loredana Savino, Jessica Schettini.