Electronic, rock, folk, ancient and contemporary music, traditional instruments and vocal interlacing, here are the main ingredients of Medimex 2012 (second edition) showcases. 23 artists will take turns on four stages along a journey through the Mediterranean from Apulia to Israel, from North Africa to the Balkans, from Portugal to Poland in a kaleidoscope of sounds and traditions. 

From November 30 to December 2 in the showcase program: Asaf Avidan (Israel), Aziz Sahmaoui & University of Gnawa (Morocco), Blisko Pola (Poland), Bodypolitics (the Netherlands), Chemirani’s (Iran), Click Here (France), Enzo Avitabile (Italy), Fabryka (Italy),Faraualla (Italy), Finaz (Italy), Frankie Chavez (Portugal), Ilhan Ersahin’s IstanbulSessions(Turkey), Insintesi (Italy), Kalàscima (Italy), Larssen (Italy), Magnifico (Slovenia), Management Del Dolore Post-Operatorio (Italy), Moustache Prawn (Italy), MunicipaleBalcanica (Italy),Nobraino (Italy), Radio Babel Marseille (France), Stefano Saletti & Piccola Banda Ikona (Italy) eZeid & Maryam (Lebanon/Egypt).