Summer has sprung! 
I’m very busy studying and writing so I’m looking forward to play.

This is my summer schedule of shows so far.
If you are around, please have a seat and listen to me. 🙂

16, June 2012
w/ A. Iovene, Private Performance 

22, June 2012
w/ Jazz Studio Orchestra directed by Vince Mendoza, Piazza Municipio, Molfetta, BA, 70056

27-28, June 2012
Premio Nazionale delle Arti, Conservatorio “N. Sala”, Benevento, BN,82100

09, August 2012
w/ G. Lenoci & Friends, Piazza Palmieri, Monopoli, BA, 70043

12, August 2012
Angelo Day, Anfiteatro di Ponente, Molfetta, BA, 70056

20, August 2012
w/ Pommodors, Cisternino, BA, 72014

11, September 2012
leading Action Band, Talos Festival, Ruvo di Puglia, BA, 70037

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