The new discographic project of Ricky Erre Love is entitled “Novulation”. It is released under Apulian label  “Metroklang Records” and promoted with the support of Puglia Sounds Recording. “Novulation” expresses a content-rich notion of music: time elapses and witnesses to the birth of a new creature, a being that does exist and wants to express him/herself. With this new record Ricky Erre Love leads us to discover a new generation of house techno music. “Novulation”, the track after which the project is named, is characterized by “old school” elements enriched with dub and techno nuances which are detectable in both percussions and evocative melodic evolutions. The groove is made complete by a robust and charming bass-line and, as a whole, the track keeps softness and elegance. The same track is remixed by the Venezuelan born Argenis Brito, already protagonist of several releases with labels like Cadenza and Nice Cat: in his interpretation of “Novulation” we breathe all the South American culture with afro and funk influences giving rise to a club music. With “Walking In Love” the many-coloured travel across sounds goes on with electronic guitars as protagonists defined by a dub rhythm and liven up by a funking and versatile bass as well as by melodic carpets thought of to create enrapturing atmospheres.