March, 6 2020

Medimex 2020 postponed until a later date

The Medimex 2020, International Festival & Music Conference – project of Puglia Sounds, the program of the Puglia Region for the development of the regional music system implemented with the Apulian Public Theater – scheduled from 16 to 25 April between Brindisi and Taranto is postponed to a date by to be destined but will take place during 2020. Puglia Sounds / Teatro Pubblico Pugliese has decided to postpone the Medimex, which this year reaches its tenth edition, until the logistical and organizational conditions necessary for the success of the event will be restored.


MEDIMEX was born in 2011, out of the intention of Puglia Sounds to provide an opportunity for the Italian and international music scene to actually meet each other. as well as an opportunity for the Puglia music market to meet the best international players in Puglia.

The new regional strategies in fact do recognise music as one of the fundamental pillars of European culture based on the cross-cutting and universal values it promotes: diversity, inclusion, the ability to inspire the public in a positive way, but they also consider music as a potential driver of employment, economic growth and promotion of digital innovation.

Historically, Medimex was born as a venue of exchange amongst the different types of music of the Mediterranean, then it grew up as a Salon of Music Innovation and was turned into the International Festival & Music Conference in 2017, following the model of the music week and keeping pace with the changes occurring in the music sector.

It is precisely the 2017 edition that marks the most radical change in Medimex. After leaving the venue of the Fiera del Levante of Bari, Medimex invades the streets of the Puglia capital. A festival with many events for the general public and an important calendar of activities for music professionals. It is a real success with accommodation facilities sold outs, an extraordinary audience attendance before the different stages and a busy calendar of professional and training events.

The 2017 edition of Bari was followed by an edition in Taranto (2018) and two editions in Foggia and Taranto (2019). Medimex has now become a touring event. The project has started to include other towns besides Bari. The public, operators and artists have been able to discover other destinations in the region.

In 2020 Medimex will celebrate its tenth edition in April in two towns, Brindisi and Taranto, thus confirming its itinerant vocation.

Ten editions of an annual event that has entered the agendas of the Italian and international music market, aimed at those who want to meet the global music scene through meetings as well as gatherings allowing for in-depth analyses, an event that encourages the creation of networks and the promotion of one’s own work. But also days of Music Celebration with dozens of concerts, DJ sets, exhibitions, screenings and several off activities.