I festival in Puglia

World Music Festival (not exclusively)


Area: Salento

ARRA Produzioni Mediterranee is an independent structure born in 2020, a meeting point of the cultural currents of the Mediterranean and beyond, created by the synergy aimed at promoting audio visual arts in its many forms in a network of Tradinnovation rooted in Salento, in Italy.

Contacts: Katarzyna Kurdzielwwwemail


City: Taranto

The Bugia One day festival is a music festival organized in the framework of the T.R.U.St. Project by Mangrovie APS in collaboration with municipality of Taranto and regional agency Puglia Promozione. The festival in its first edition focused on creating connections between artists from different music scenes in the industrial vibes location of the Sound Department. Mangrovia Twang, LNDFK and Materazi Future Club performed representing southern, central and northern Italy scenes respectively.

Contacts: Mattia Locapowwwemail

Carpino in Folk

City: Carpino

CARPINO IN FOLK is a Festival that takes place in Carpino, on the Gargano and has the aim of rediscovering and exporting traditional Carpinese and Gargano music in Italy and in the world, enhancing it and finding a fusion with the styles and influences of World Music.

Contacts: Antonio Pizzarelliwwwemail

CAsa delle Arti

City: Conversano

Casa delle Arti is a cultural and social enterprise project that is measured with the management of one of the most innovative public entertainment spaces in our Region, recognized as one of the most functional and equipped structures in the Italian live-club music circuit.

From the point of view of artistic content, at least 70% of Live on the bill, are entirely dedicated to regional “premieres” and exclusive international events, with an articulated musical offer between different genres.

Contacts: Stefano Coppolawwwemail


City: Taranto

The “CINZELLA FESTIVAL is a festival born in 2017 and which in a few years has grown to be recognized as one of the best Italian festivals thanks to the quality of the proposed program, the institutional partners, the proposed art forms (music, cinema, photography, literature) and its mission: valorisation of the territory through the promotion of cultural events. An international festival, with audiences from all over Europe

Contacts: Giovanni Raimondiwwwemail


City: Alberobello

Locus festival takes place in Italy, in Puglia region pursuing a vision based on creating the perfect balance between quality and popularity of its overall proposal. It started from a local dimension in 2005, in the small and cosy old-town of Locorotondo (Bari), but it took only a few years to raise to an international level, with an evident global inspiration developed with love and dedication throughout all these years. Locus means to be a way to enhance the territory, the openess to any kind of music and culture overcoming music boundaries, attracting many people from all over Italy and from abroad and offer them an experience between art, gastronomy, wine and great national and international music.

Contacts: Giovanni Buttiglionewwwemail

Di voce in voce

City: Bari

“Di voce in voce” is the music festival dedicated to world music, now in its fourteenth edition, conceived and organized by the Radicanto Cultural Association of Bari at the Abeliano Theater in Bari and the Traetta theater in Bitonto (Ba), enjoying growing success of critics and audiences, to become one of the leading exhibitions in the sector in central and southern Italy. The festival is organized with the support of the Puglia Region and the Municipalities of Bari and Bitonto.

Contacts: Giuseppe De Triziowwwemail

La Festa di UASC!

City: Lecce

LA FESTA DI UASC! Is a music Festival organized by the association Uasc! since 2017. It is the opportunity to meet the local audience and to bring to Lecce and surroundings national and international artists, from indie to world music.

Contacts: Antonio Gabriele Nisiwwwemail

Levante a Cappella Festival

City: Bari

The Festival is one of the few Italian realities dedicated to music performed without musical instruments.

Contacts: Fabio Leporewwwemail

Messapia Festival

Area: Salento

MESSAPIA FESTIVAL one of the major live music events in Italy with world music cumbia electronic music. It hosts international artists and thousands of fans.

Contacts: Luigi De Pauliwwwemail

SEI Festival

Area: Salento

SEI Festival is a music festival founded in 2006 by the cooperative CoolClub to promote independent Italian and international music. Multi-disciplinary, cultural and recreative activities, mainly linked to the world of music, take place during the festival: concerts, previews, book signings, workshops, vinyl market dedicated to a young and mature audience at the same time.

Contacts: Osvaldo Piliegowwwemail


Area: Salento

SEI Festival is a music festival founded in 2006 by the cooperative CoolClub to promote independent Italian and international music. Multi-disciplinary, cultural and recreative activities, mainly linked to the world of music, take place during the festival: concerts, previews, book signings, workshops, vinyl market dedicated to a young and mature audience at the same time.

Contacts: Francesco Semerarowwwemail


Area: Valle d’Itria

Viva! is an international festival held the first week of August. The 2022 edition, the sixth, was unquestionably the one that met with the greatest consensus both from the point of view of critics and the public. With 15,000 admissions, Viva 2022 has proven to have become an international adult festival. Now the 2023 edition is already in the works and wants to try to embrace a wide range of sounds from around the world.

Contacts: Giovanni Laterzawwwemail

Jazz music festival (mostly)

Appuntamenti a Palazzo

City: Mola di Bari

Contacts: Margherita Rotondiwwwemail


City: Bitonto

Contacts: Emanuele Dimundowwwemail

Festival Metropolitano Bari in Jazz

City: Bari

Bari in Jazz Metropolitan Festival, organized by the Abusuan,is a metropolitan festival in which important names alternate,who have their roots in jazz, bringing together different cultures and styles, to merge into something different,unexpected and original.

Contacts: Bonaventure Amissahwwwemail


City: Sogliano Cavour

Contacts: Raffaele Casaranowwwemail

MUSICHE CORSARE a Pier Paolo Pasolini nel centenario della nascita

City: Bari

Contacts: Roberto Ottavianowwwemail

October Jazz and Food

City: Altamura

Contacts: Antonio Dambrosiowwwemail


City: Lecce

Contacts: Irene Scardiawwwemail


City: Barletta

Springtime Jazz Festival, created by the platform for artistic research and production Mediterraneo Radicale and the Associazione Culturale Springtime Jazz Festival, is an itinerant contemporary jazz and experimental music festival that is held in various European cities during the Spring.

Contacts: Pasquale Calòwwwemail

Stornarella Jazz Festival

Stornarella Jazz Festival is a festival held in a small city, Stornarella, in Apulia.

Contacts: Pasquale Stafanowwwemail

Tremiti Music FESTIVAL

City: Isole Tremiti

Contacts: Roberto Ottavianowwwemail

Classical and contemporary music festival (mainly)


City: Monopoli

Apuliantiqua is a review of itinerant concerts of ancient music made with original instruments that takes place at sunrise and sunset. The aim is to stimulate the cultural and tourist interest for Puglia, through the use and enhancement of its historical-artistic material (coastal towers, churches, historic buildings, museums) and intangible (unpublished repertoire of Apulian authors of the Neapolitan school)

Contacts: Giovanni Rotawwwemail


City: Bari – Palo del Colle – Trani

Anima Mea is devoted to Early Music and Historically Informed Praxis, and New Music related to historical repertories. Since 2010 a lot of celebrated soloists and ensembles was invited in Anima Mea such as P. Pandolfo, R. Alessandrini, G. Balestracci, M. Galassi, AbChordis, S. Scholz, Ch. Desjardins, R. Safir, F. Zanasi, E. Gatti, G. Cassone, Solistes XXI and more. Anima Mea Festival collaborate with Gianvincenzo Cresta as Composer in Residence and with Orfeo Futuro as Orchestra in Residence.

Contacts: Gioacchino De Padovawwwemail

Armonie d’arte

City: Massafra

The concert festival has as its objective the cultural and musical promotion of the area through the harmony of the arts. The third edition focuses on the recovery of the roots, the rediscovery and enhancement of the territory and of all the cultural and artistic heritage by creating unpublished and original works. At the center is the city of Massafra with its history and traditions. The City also becomes the natural scenography of the Shows, particular evocative glimpses rich in history.

Contacts: Cosimo Maraglinowwwemail


City: Foggia

The members of the Sax Furano Quartet are also the founders of the “Rumore Bianco Contemporary Music Festival”. It represents a uniqueness in the area and offers events in which there is continuous sound experimentation, and a constant dialogue between composers, performers and the public.

Contacts: Marco Destinoemail

Diversamente musica

City: Molfetta

The Orchestra Filarmonica Pugliese, born in Molfetta (BA) in 2013, immediately sponsored by the Region, the only band A Instrumental Complex recognized by the FUS in Puglia, has performed in the most important theaters and places of cultural interest in the cities of Bari, Brindisi, Lecce, Foggia and in the main municipalities of the BAT, soon crossing the regional borders to be particularly appreciated in April 2019 at the Argentina Theater in Rome and in October 2021 at the Greek Theater in the capital.

Contacts: Giacomo Piepoliwwwemail


City: Caprarica di Lecce

The JeansMusic Festival has the ambition to give life, here in southern Italy, to a meeting point for European musical innovation. But also to represent the diversity of styles and sensibilities in classical, electronic and contemporary music, to investigate the relationship between past and present with an eye always turned to the future. The JMF wants to be the space where you can meet musicians attentive to this type of transformation and be able to have direct experience both in listening to new musical languages and in production.

Contacts: Matthieu Mantanuswwwemail


City: Brindisi

Musica sull’Appia is an international vocal chamber music festival. The festival takes place in the tourist center of Brindisi where are the terminal columns of the Appian way.

Contacts: Annarita Di Sansebastianoemail


City: Grottaglie

It is a cultural project of the An.G.Eli Eventi Association based in Puglia. The Festival deals with the creation and staging of operas and classical concerts but also contemporary music and multidisciplinary events. It displays also a parallel scheduling of events that spans from cultural to social topics. Oltre Lirica Music Festival aims to provide Southern Italy with a prestigious opera en-plain-air summer seasonin the natural scenery of the ancient Cave di Fantiano venue with a theater provided with over 2000 seats.

Contacts: Angela Cuoccioemail


City: Monopoli

A Festival that brings music in some of the most beautiful venues in Puglia, Italy. Starting from its beating heart, the ancient cloister at Palazzo San Martino in Monopoli with its charming atmosphere, the Festival Ensemble in Residence paints every year portraits – hommages dedicated to classical composers from the past and present, as well as crossover and jazz programs.

Contacts: Antonia Valentewwwemail